artetrad2 isn’t just a freelance specialising in the translation, design and proofreading of Spanish and English texts. It’s an adventure of more than 15 years of analysing and searching through the world of languages and words. A journey through the form and content of language, through the different ways of saying things, and the different ways of living and understanding reality. It’s diving into the depths of language and swimming beyond forms, in the search for light and insight, translating from one language to the other, ‘hanging up’ words in the rainbow of design to give them shape and colour, and laying out texts to make them clearer and more appealing to the eyes of both the body and the spirit.

Artetrad © 2016

“Writers create national literature, but it is translators who create international literature.”–José Saramago.
“A translator is a reader in love.”­–Olga Sánchez Guevara.
“Translating is the most profound way of reading.”–Gabriel García Márquez.